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Locks and keys have meant security for ages. The only difference that, people could sometime opt to leave their doors unlocked in a close-knit community but today, that is not an option. With an increase in crime rates in California, it is important to get hold of a good California keys locksmith in Orange CA, and make sure that your security is never compromised. We at Orange Lock And Safe Store are the leading provider of locksmith services in California and we know exactly what you need. That is why we are affordable, provide excellent service, are available 24/7 and are reliable. Not to mention that we provide a range of services that includes residential, automotive, commercial and emergency. We are your one-stop solution for all lock and key needs. Looking for a good locksmith in Orange county? Contact us at 714-933-1267 today!

About Us

California is a place with a significantly large population and whether it is people who are migrating t the place to live or tourists, residents are always under the threat of unfortunate instances relating to security. While personal security is mostly dependent on pure luck, the security of our cars, offices and residential areas is in our hands.

If you are wondering how you might ensure this security, Orange Lock And Safe Store is the locksmith in Orange county you need to contact. We not only have excellent service and reasonable prices, but also a range of services to cater to all your needs. Be it residential, automotive, commercial or emergency services, our skilled technicians can handle anything and everything.

When we started out, it was a business formed out more of a necessity than a commercial venture. Crime was on the rise and other companies were not being able to satisfy the customers with their services. That is why Orange Lock And Safe Store decided to be that one-stop solution to all your locksmith related needs. We have kept our prices low so that we can be affordable. But that doesn’t mean we compromise on quality of services. In addition to installation, we also provide a host of other services. Whatever your need may be, just Contact us at 714-933-1267 and we will be there with the best possible solution.

24/7 availability

What has made this company trustworthy and the number one choice of residents, is our 24/7 availability. The locksmith industry is such that you need to be available at all times to provide a round the clock assistance to customers. Lock related emergencies can happen at any time and you need a locksmith service that will be available and will know how to fix the issue immediately. Our trained professionals prioritize our vision of customer satisfaction and that is why our team doesn’t observe any holidays or weekends. Whenever you need us, we will be there.

Specialized Services

We at Orange Lock And Safe Store have handpicked the best professionals in the field to be a part of the team an in all the years that we have been in business, they have always delivered fantastic results. We hold workshops every month to get them acquainted with the latest developments in this field so that they can handle any type of lock that they encounter. Additionally we train them to perform certain special services like installation of digital locks, rekeying locks, reprogramming the transponder key, extraction of broken car key, etc. What’s more? You get all these services at very low prices.

Security Consultation

Our team of competent technicians is so good that they will deliver professional results every time. Even in cases where they come across a very sophisticated lock that will require a more thorough handling with state-of-the-art tools, your security will not be compromised. In such a case, we will provide you with an alternate lock while your lock is being repaired. So depend on us to give you the very best service that can be provided. Apart from this, we also run maintenance checks and will give you tips or upgrade suggestions so that you can avoid a mishap.

Quick results

Since all locksmith related services especially emergencies require quick results, we are fully aware of the commitment needed and degree of safety that is at stake. That is why Orange Lock And Safe Store is available 24/7 armed with sophisticated tools and trained technicians. Whether you are facing a lockout, a break-in or simply need a quick installation, we will be there under 30 minutes to take care of the issue. We work ever so carefully without compromising on speed. So, we promise you quick results with damaging your property.

Our Services

We provide a range of services that include:

Automotive Services

With the advancement of technology in the manufacture of automobiles, things like automated locking systems, complex keys and a hands-free kind of approach is making it easier for people to get locked out or break their keys in ignition. Car lockouts common and are a nuisance. What you need to avoid is the probability of damaging your car by forcing yourself in. Not to mention that you might hurt yourself in the process. Call Orange Lock And Safe Store at 714-933-1267. We provide a range of automotive services such as transponder key making, trunk unlocking, lock repair and more, 24/7. Need a California keys locksmith in Orange CA? Contact us today.

Residential locksmith

When it comes to the residence, not only is the installation of the correct lock needed, but a regular maintenance check is also needed by professionals, to make sure that the locks are in a working condition. Without that, you face the risk of break-ins and getting locked out at any moment. We at Orange Lock And Safe Store provide a host of residential services including home lockout assistance, door lock replacement, lock rekeying, etc and we do it at an affordable rate. We even do maintenance checks and give tips to keep your locks in a working condition. Countless residential customers trust our locksmiths in Orange county for exceptional service and you can too!

Commercial Services

Office locks are very different from residential locks systems. They are more sophisticated and have to be installed in accordance to the code rules set by authorities. These state laws that need to be followed are only known by an experienced locksmith who has the skills to make a professional installation. An amateur wouldn’t know where to begin. This is why you need Orange Lock And Safe Store. We have been in business for a decade and have professionals who know exactly what to do. Hire us and save your commercial workplace from unnecessary loss of sensitive property.

 Emergency locksmith

A locksmith emergency can arise anywhere, anytime. You could get locked out of your car or your home or you could face a break-in and require immediate assistance. Just call us to hire our locksmiths in Orange county. We are operational 24/7, at all days of the year. Call us because we are quick and reliable. Our mobile vans will take our trained technicians to you in 30 minutes, no matter where you are and we will take care of the problem. We are super affordable and do not charge extra for emergency services.

For ten years we have held on to our principles and our standard of service. This is why we are the best locksmith service provider in California Orange County. We are reliable, dependable and there is no need to fear that we will be tough on your pocket. We have the best prices in the market. Give Orange Lock And Safe Store a call at 714-933-1267 and experience the magic yourselves.

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